Experiences are more powerful than reason

Science can prove a lot of things, but experience is the best teacher. Reading about something in a book or on a website just isn't the same as hearing it from the people who have had the experiences. Check out this video if you want to hear what other people are saying.

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Stories change lives.


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In everyday life, we all encounter traumas.  They can be from significant accidents or the accumulation of mini events so small as toddler falls.  My daughter, unfortunately, had birth trauma and then a life threatening hospital event in her early teenage years.  Kevin's works is gradually resolving the trauma her body is holding onto.  Her sympathetic dominance, posture, sleep and stress tolerance are all improving.  She loves her visits!  I admire how open Kevin is to learning new things and his pursuit of new body work techniques.  He is already amazing and I forsee he will become even more so in the years to come!  Thank you, Kevin, for all that you do!

tRACI k.

I have been so blessed by the therapy I have received from Kevin.  Over time he has been able to relieve tension and pain from my back and hips.  I had always had this pain/discomfort….I thought I always would.   Kevin’s calm and peaceful spirit allowed me relax and ultimately to heal from his therapy.  I am forever grateful!

Carol P.

Kevin is a beautiful being of light! He offers an amazing healing through his ability to connect with our one true source!

His prayer for your ability to heal is amazing! He understands your body and connects with your soul. You feel such a sense of God's energy through your body as he assists you in healing your heart!

Kevin is an amazing child of God! He is all about Mind, Body and Soul!