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About Muscle Smith

The vision of Muscle Smith is to bring wholeness and
restoration to the whole person at a comfortable pace.

Welcome to Muscle Smith! I suggest you take a look at my resources and testimonials.

I believe that supporting the body with a few key fundamental resources can make immense change for most people. I bring focus to a whole body conversation that’s easy to pick up and work with. Long lasting results can happen with a view of “optimal” life. Enjoyable interaction with your wants and goals takes less effort than you might think.

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Know your Specialist

Kevin Miles loves to serve. Having worked one-on-one weekly with mentors in the health and wellness industry for over 5 years, Kevin is passionate about asking good questions that consider the whole person. The intent is to serve by encouraging the natural bioelectric flow using muscle manipulation and functional feedback, as effective tools in targeted restorative ministry to the mind, body and soul.

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Kevin Miles

As owner and operator, Kevin loves to serve people with the goal of creating hope and allowing people to see their own potential.